Strategic Plan 2015-2018 

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A Letter From The Parent-Teacher Organization Co-Chairs Dear Members of Percy Priest Elementary and the Community,

In November 2014, we formally launched the 2015-2018 strategic planning process. This is an exciting and energizing time in our community. We collectively looked ahead to map out how our school can best address the opportunities and challenges we face, and carry out our mission of academic excellence, progressive education and ethical learning into the future.

Ours has been a broad, inclusive process that has brought together the valuable perspectives of all in our community. The Board formed a Policy and Planning Committee (PPC) which is chaired by Jason Adkins, Co-President of the PTO and assisted by Angela Williamson, Co-President of the PTO. All members of the board participated in the planning process which was guided by volunteer strategic advisor, Marcus Williamson, a parent of a PPE student and certified consultant for planning.

The involvement of our Principal, Ms. Williams and others in administration helped us gain insight into areas of need and opportunities for improvement from inside the institution. We gained external insight from both electronic and inperson forums regarding our committee’s structures, technologies in the classroom, teacher professional development, the improvement of facilities as well as increased communication with parents and the community.

This year’s strategic planning process took into account these thoughts and conversations as well as private interviews, focus groups, and town hall meetings as integral parts of the development of our strategic plan. In addition, our website has been designed to facilitate and encourage transparency throughout the entire PPE community about the strategic planning process. It provides information about the timeline, the ongoing progress of the execution of goals, and opportunities for community engagement with our PTO throughout the year. We will update the site every month or so.

We are excited to have this opportunity to re-embrace our mission and the memory of our founder, J. Percy Priest, and we look forward to constructing a shared vision for our School’s future. Thank you for all that you have done, and will do, to contribute to these important next three years.


Angela Williamson, Percy Priest Elementary PTO Co-President

Jason Adkins, Percy Priest Elementary PTO Co-President


Percy Priest Elementary Parent Teacher Organization Strategic Plan for 2012-2015

The mission of Percy Priest Elementary is to ensure that all students possess the foundation they need to reach their highest potential and become lifelong learners who are productive, respective, and responsible members of our society.

The vision of Percy Priest Elementary is to be the most highly sought educational setting, wherein elementary school students maintain highest achievement, both academically and personally.

Through well-established volunteer commitments of time, expertise, talent, and fundraising, the PPE Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) endeavors to support the school vision and mission by working with parents, teachers and staff to accomplish strategic goals identified every three years.

Kelly McMullen - Co-President, Policy/Planning 2013-2014

Jason Adkins - Co-Vice President, Policy/Planning 2014-2015


Every three years, the Policy/Planning Committee and the PTO Executive Board are charged with writing a strategic plan for the Percy Priest Elementary PTO. The purpose is to identify ways we can move forward together as a school and community. We believe this plan provides support for parents and faculty to achieve these goals over the next three years. This plan is the result of many volunteer hours, team meetings, and productive conversations among parents and faculty. We could not have accomplished this task without the input of our fellow PTO members, committee volunteers and PPE faculty. It was our privilege to be part of the process with you.

Leslie Hudson Brandi Kellett
Co-President, Policy/Planning Co-Vice President, Policy/Planning

submitted, May 2012

A) Teachers and Staff

We will continue to fund professional development, provide teaching tools and technology, improve the organization of volunteer classroom assistance, and communicate these efforts to the PTO body.

1) Support professional development beyond the PTO annual budget.
a. Place emphasis on technology in the classroom, best practices for reading and math, and differentiating instruction to meet all student needs and to

close achievement gaps.

  1. 2)  Provide funds for a Technology Coach.

    1. Identify needs and assist teachers and students with technology use in the classroom and in the computer lab.

    2. Partner with MNPS IT department and outside resources to support teacher training for technology use in the classroom. Explore the benefits of creating an intern position.

  2. 3)  Provide funds for materials and resources to promote classroom instruction beyond meeting basic standards in all subject areas.

a. Emphasize creative curriculum resources such as Quantum Learning and Daily 5.

  1. 4)  Partner with PPE’s Reading Specialist, School Counselors and teachers to establish tutoring needs for all grade levels.

    1. Identify volunteers from PTO body, Pencil Partners, local colleges and other sources. Train volunteers in appropriate subjects/methods and place with teachers as requested.

    2. Engage other schools in conversation about best practices for tutors.

    3. Consider effective methods through which teachers can access volunteer

      information and request assistance.

    4. Consider effective methods for managing updated volunteer information as

      PTO body changes yearly.

    5. Investigate and assist in meeting unique personnel needs of Kindergarten


  2. 5)  Encourage internal peer communication among PPE teachers and staff.

    1. Support mentoring opportunities.

    2. Affirm grade level consistency and communicate expectations from one

      grade to the next.

    3. Consider a staff retreat.

  3. 6)  Update parents regularly on PTO support of teacher initiatives and on PPE’s commitment to improvement.

  4. 7)  Express appreciation to PPE teachers and staff by providing meals and snacks on in- service days and by maintaining teacher profile notebook.

B) Facilities

We will promote the practical usage and aesthetic appeal of PPE facilities and grounds in order to provide students with the best environment for secure, active, and age-appropriate learning.

1) Establish a proactive facilities committee made of representatives from PPE staff, PTO and Tiger Club. This committee shall:

  1. Petition MNPS for proper support of facilities and grounds.

  2. Submit recommendations to the Principal and Executive Board for next steps

    if MNPS response is deemed insufficient.

  3. Prioritize ongoing maintenance needs and facility improvements as needed.

  4. Coordinate with PTO leadership for family clean-up days.

  5. Work with MNPS on solutions to current capacity issues and ensure PPE

    meets facility requirements dictated by anticipated student enrollment projections.

1. Appoint liaisons or subcommittee to work on behalf of PPE to address the following:

  1. Consider playroom expansion to full-size gymnasium.

  2. Consider cafeteria expansion.

  3. Consider temporary relocation of partial student body if

    warranted by expansion.

C) Community and Communication

We will strengthen the PPE community by facilitating communication between teachers and parents and by encouraging interaction among all PPE families. We will improve PPE’s relationship with the surrounding community by publicizing current initiatives and achievements.

  1. 1)  Maintain updated and easy-to-navigate website.

    1. Provide funds as needed for website design, development and maintenance.

    2. Improve consistency in communication by offering teachers training and a

      central location for posting information and templates for grade-level use.

    3. Consider most effective technology tools and promote best methods for

      communicating with PPE families (eblasts, social media, texts, etc).

    4. Share relevant information with parents about internet usage, computer

      access at school, and technology use in the classroom.

    5. Promote the “contact us” option or integrate social media on the website for

      feedback and continual improvement.

  2. 2)  Communicate consistently the needs, achievements and opportunities throughout

    the school and within the classrooms.

  3. 3)  Review and update yearly the orientation process for new PPE families.

a. Maintain an active New Families Committee that coordinates events.

  1. 4)  Encourage participation in service projects and school-wide events.

    1. Support teacher-driven projects (such as Pennies-for-Patients, Jump-Rope- for-Heart, etc.) and coordinate grade-level seasonal service projects (such as Salvation Army Stocking, Second Harvest food drive, etc.).

    2. Determine which and how to best partner with other MNPS schools.

  2. 5)  Maintain an active relationship with MNPS and Hillsboro Cluster schools.

    1. Appoint PTO Liaison to attend MNPS Board meetings, Cluster meetings, Parent Advisory Council meetings, and other events on behalf of PPE.

    2. Maintain PTO Liaison to JT Moore Middle School, ideally a parent with students at PPE and JTM, who will facilitate communication between both schools.

  3. 6)  Maintain active relationships with the city of Forest Hills and the city of Oak Hill.

a. Appoint PTO Liaisons, ideally residents of the cities, to represent PPE at

business meetings, speak to issues, report back to PTO, and invite city

officials to PPE events.
7) Maintain active relationships with the Pencil Foundation and Pencil Partners.

a. Appoint PTO Liaison to work with Pencil Partners, encourage participation at PPE events, streamline and consolidate requests of these businesses, promote recognition of Pencil Partners’ work at PPE, and recruit other businesses to join PPE as Pencil Partners.

8) Communicate PPE news to local media outlets.