The PPE Tiger Fund

Each year, the PTO Executive Board thoughtfully develops a budget based on past income and guided by the PTO's strategic plan. Committees, faculty and staff submit budgets for programs that the PTO supports.  At the end of each fiscal year, after an external audit is completed, our auditor recommends an amount of money to be placed in the Tiger Fund.  Percy Priest teachers and staff are given the opportunity to submit applications for Tiger Funds.  The requests are for funds above and beyond their PTO and/or MNPS budget.  Each request must align with the PTO strategic plan.  The Policy and Planning committee, which consists of teacher, faculty, and parents, meets three times a year to discuss, and grant or decline all requests submitted.  There is a specific form used to apply for Tiger Funds which can be found below.

Click here for a Tiger Fund Request Form. 

Requests are welcome from faculty, staff and families, and should be submitted to the Co-President for Policy and Planning:

Whitney Conyers