At Percy Priest, Art isn’t just a class…it’s an adventure! Every day that students come to art is another day to grow, think, learn, explore, discuss, write and create. The art classroom experience intertwines the elements of art and the art standards with an enduring theme that challenges students to draw on prior knowledge and personal experience in order to solve visual art problems. Students explore concepts such as identity, community, place, humans and nature, heroes, and heritage, just to name a few. Many units are inspired by prior knowledge from grade-level studies or children’s literature as well as artists and cultures from around the world and throughout history.

Of course art production and working with a variety of mediums adds complexity and fun to the learning process. Students create clay vessels and sculptures, weavings made of a variety of materials, printmaking including incised plates and original stamping, drawings and paintings all while learning and applying the principles of design.

You will be amazed at what our students can do! One example is our outdoor classroom, located in the center of our U-shaped driveway. This classroom was designed by the 4th grade class of 2006 in the art classroom. The students spent 12 weeks learning, researching and developing ideas for this wonder learning space that would be accessible for all students at PPE, beautify the school and offer a new place for students to explore nature, read, meet, interact and learn together during the school day. Their dream became a reality two years later thanks to the generosity of our PTO and many other community members.

To showcase our student’s amazing minds we hold grade level art shows throughout the community. Each student in each grade level has a piece of art work displayed during his/her grade level show. There is an opening reception to celebrate the student’s accomplishments, giving them an opportunity to share what they have learned with family members as well as educating the community.

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