Music Rocks! Ask anyone from Percy Priest! The goal of PPE music is to encourage a life long love of music. A typical day in class consists of singing, dancing, analyzing and playing many different styles of music. Everything from Bach to the Beatles and Beethoven to Broadway is covered. All students are taught proper vocal and instrument technique, rhythm reading, and basic analysis of style and form.

Thanks to generous donations from the PTO, our music room has a large collection of Orff instruments and state of the art technology.

In second through fourth grade each child has the opportunity to participate in an annual performances that will make you smile, laugh and sometimes cry.

Second grade shows are based on Holidays, themes of caring and compassion, as well as children’s literature.

Third grade shows have a multicultural emphasis. Every student plays an instrument in this program.

The Fourth grade show is always the most special program of the year. The children sing and play their hearts out in their final performance as Percy Priest Tigers. It is not to be missed!